We have the perfect solution for the Insurance industry using our high end Drones and sensor equipment.


FIRE DAMAGE – Aerial HD Photos captured by Skyworx Drones after a fire situation offer a great tool for the damage assessment of the property or crop field. Skyworx Drones can also use thermal imaging devices so as to aid the Brigade Authorities monitor in real time how the fire in a Forest for example progresses, the direction which the fire follows and its extend.  


HAIL DAMAGE – Property and crop can experience adverse effects from heavy hail weather conditions. Our Drones can assess the damages caused and help risk and claim department come into conclusions easily and in a very short time.



WATER DAMAGE – Our Drones can capture stunning aerial photos so as to assess the damage caused in a flooded area. In the cases of water damage in crop fields we can assess and also measure the extend of Plot Water pooling



WIND DAMAGE – Assessment of wind damage can be immediate when using areal images of the place where the extreme weather phenomenon took place. A birds eye view image will greatly help to get information much quicker and more effectively than by ground images. 3D mapping can also be used in cases where the damage is at a larger scale.