Skyworx is one of the earliest and most competitive industrial UAV service providers in Cyprus. Our goal is to provide the industry with solutions for faster and safer data collection.

In order to offer our clients the highest quality of service we have assembled a strong team of skilled pilots, experienced data analysts and innovative technology experts who are always ready to tackle various challenges and come up with customised solutions for every client and request.

Our flexible business model ensures that we can provide a variety of different services to help in a number of different industries, such as renewable energies, construction, insurance, agriculture and more.


Skyworx is one of the few companies in Cyprus which is 100% certified to operate UAV’s under the rules and regulations of the Cuprus Department of Civil Aviation. We are committed to keep these certificates up to date to guarantee that we work legal, safe and respect privacy laws and rules. 



All of our pilots are certified UAV pilots that have a lot of experience in the field and follow strict procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of everyone in every mission. 



Skyworx is in possession of the following certificates and insurances:

  • Remote Operator Certificate
  • Certificate of Registration and Airwothiness of the RPAS
  • Insurance for UAS
  • Proof of Competence of the pilot
  • Medical Certificate of each pilot