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Skyworx provides unique 3D modeling solutions for all customers.

Our 3D models offer a cost-effective way to make use of high-density, high-accuracy 3D models. We capture specific areas of interest with images and then we process the data in-house to produce our unique 3D modeling solutions.

Skyworx’s 3D models can be used for assessing areas that are difficult and dangerous to access, but they can also be used for planning, measuring, decision-making, and design across many different industry sectors. We offer a full range of services including 3D topographic maps, volume measurement, infrastructure and asset 3D models. 

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Drones are becoming the energy tech tool. Our solutions provide a detailed and permanent visual record of your assets to improve decision making. Inspections of your infrastructure with unmanned aerial systems (UAS) provide quicker, safer and most cost effective inspection than traditional methods. Inspection techniques can provide ultra high definition images and videos of your infrastructure as well as thermal (IR) anomalies detection. 

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Real Estate

Skyworx can help you level up your construction and real estate activity. Drones can play a vital role in construction of any project during the planning, execution and marketing phase. Skyworx delivers the highest quality and accuracy on all types of mapping and 3d visualisations. Monitor your construction progress or promote your property from all angles to give your customers dynamic shots of their new potential home or office.

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We offer professional aerial filming for every occasion. With our expertise and the latest technology we will capture that special birds eye view in 4K. Our top of the range camera and gimbal equipment can provide with HD video and photo shots to our customers. We offer many solutions like:
– Aerial Filming and cinematography
– Aerial Live Streaming of events
– Video Editing and production
– Image processing .

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Drones are the Insurance next game changers as they can be particularly helpful in the adjustment of property claims and risk evaluations. Our crew can be at the site immediately after the incident and assist the insurer to inspect and assess the damage.
-Lower costs
-Detailed Aerial Ultra HD photos
-Access difficult to reach spots
-Faster, precise decision making


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With advanced sensors and imaging capabilities we bring farmers new ways to increase yields and reduce crop damage among a vast majority of crop types including Grape Vineyard fields, Corn fields.
We can help the farmer in:
– Crop Stress identification
– Plant Health assessment
– Fertilizer optimization
– Water quality assessment
– Plant counting and disease detection
– Yield Maturity estimation and Maximization

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360° Virtual Tours


Our 360° virtual tours give you the feel of being there where you can turn around 360° and look closely at every detail.
 The viewers become immersed in the experience where they can enjoy the highest quality of images along with a fantastic zoom detail and customized interactive information points. 
A virtual tour allows spectators:
– Browse the location on their own pace
– Have a complete view of the property as a whole
– Familiarize with the property or location

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W H Y   S K Y W O R X   S E R V I C E S?

we are licensed

 We take safety and security seriously. Skyworx is legally licensed by the DCA to fly commercially under current UAS regulation. All of our pilots are certified commercial UAV operators. We also have liability insurance, allowing us to work with any client interested in drone services.

WE ARE ExperienceD

Every solution requires specialized equipment and knowledge and above all an experienced crew. We use the latest technologies and we constantly innovate. This allows us to deliver the maximum quality for each of the services we offer whilst always operating according to the highest safety standards.

WE LOVE Technology

Because we love what we do, we use the most advanced equipment and sensors in the market. The measure of our success is our client’s success. We are commited to stay on the cutting edge to offer our clients  unique services. For that matter we always learn and apply the latest techniques using state of the art equipment.


Skyworx understands the importance of having accurate data to make the right decision. We can help you get the right data at the right time. We want to make sure that you’re confident and come back to us with future projects, so we’ll only walk away from a project with your complete satisfaction.

Equipment & Sensors

AIR6 allows us to confidently lift any professional sensor weighing up to a 2Kgs payload. 
This, coupled with the Air6 unique flight time and the ability to quickly change gimbals allows us to explore a completely new world of possibilities.

AIR 6 is the latest UAV for industrial applications developed by Airborne-Robotics Gmbh.

With a flight time reaching up to 28 minutes and payload up to 2 kgs the AIR 6 is a state of the art UAV for industrial applications. The Air 6 is a Hexacopter and depending on the mission it is able to operate with two or four 6 cell batteries, thus ensuring a very safe aerial operation. With an extremely precise GPS system onboard, unlimited waypoints can be programmed for a particular mission. Moreover, the JETI Ground station provides a redundant solution for all applications with its  Duplex 2.4GHz frequency. This ensures that we are always AIRWORTHY!

For Aerial Photography and Videography Skyworx uses the SONY A6300.
A mirrorless camera that boasts the world’s fastest autofocus speed as its new 4D Focus system can lock onto a subject in as little as 0.05 seconds!  With 24MP image resolution and 4K Video we can take amazing Aerial photos and Video shots for every situation.

Our Drones are equipped with the latest Thermal Imaging camera from FLIR, the FLIR VUE PRO R (radiometric). With a resolution of 640 x 512 and the ability to take temperature measurements of each pixel, our equipment provides a very powerfull Thermal measurement instrument. Thermal analysis can provide usefull assesment  in cases like Power Line Monitoring, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and Roof Top Inspections.

Official Reseller of Air6